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Different Perspectives


England(United Kingdom)

Different Perspectives is a programme of intergenerational arts, projects and research. Magic Me will carry out this programme during 2012 and 2013 through three major arts projects:

1.) "Weekend at Wilton's" is a collaboration with experimental theatre company Duckie which will involve 60 Magic Me participants taking over Wilton's Music Hall alongside professional performers, for a weekend of performances, music, dancing and socialising.
2.) "Where the Heart is" explores stories of love in East London; local older women and girls from Mulberry Girls school will share and explore their stories of love of friends, partners, of community or of causes or ideas. They will draw inspiration from the Women's Library collection, and their work will be presented as part of LIFT festival.
3.) "Wild, Wild Women" will again draw its inspiration from the Library collections. The 100th anniversary of Emily Wilding Davison, the suffragette who died in 1913 after being crushed by the King's horse at the Derby offers a rich theme.

Magic Me will conduct research alongside this, aiming to contribute to the growth and better definition of intergenerational arts practice in the UK and beyond.The research will focus specifically on how different art-forms work and facilitate intergenerational interaction.

For the EY2012 Magic Me therefore commits to:

  • Delivering three major intergenerational arts projects, bringing 100 younger and older people together to build positive, ongoing relationships through working on a shared creative project.
  • Employing researchers to carry out research throughout these projects, tracking the findings and experiences of artists, participants and audiences, deepening our understanding and practice of intergenerational arts.
  • Sharing the findings of the research reports internally and weave them into our regular practice.
  • Disseminating the findings to wider arts and other audiences with two research reports, and two seminars to introduce the findings to other practioners, funders, policy makers and other interested parties.
Promoter: Magic Me

Magic Me uses the arts to bring the generations together to build a stronger, safer community. Young people aged 8+ and adults aged 60+ team up through shared, creative activity. Intergenerational groups meet on a weekly basis in schools, museums, older peoples clubs, care homes, community and cultural organisations.

Location: London
Contact: Susan Langford :