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Comfort in Living

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Denmark / Sweden / Finland / Lithuania / Latvia / Poland

The purpose of the Comfort in Living pilot project is to focus on product development for the  growing population of older people living in the Baltic Sea Region.

Launched by the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Stars programme 2007-2013 and part-financed by the European Union, the consortia of cluster organisations and research milieus in the project will provide different competencies when it comes to design and housing concepts for the needs of elderly people. The goal is to provide well-being for society by providing innovative and comfortable solutions for the senior population.

One of the project's strategic ideas, for example, is to create a platform for the world leading development of effective and valuable solutions for multifunctional kitchens to help elderly people remain independent and autonomous in their own homes. This platform will consist of Universities (art, design, research, test, patent etc.), companies (production, product development, tests), IT- solutions for incorporating smart solutions into products and furniture, as well as connections to local health care services.

While getting to know more about the target user group, the project partners will work jointly with the design and creation of universal design solutions in a modern house concept. Through the pilot project, the key focus is to develop other new and innovative products for the house based on the needs of the target group. The idea is to bring solutions not ony to the Baltic Sea Region market, but also to the global market.

Promoter: IDC West Sweden AB

DC West Sweden AB is a developing non-profit organisation working for the local industry in Skaraborg. Their aim is to boost local industrial companies and strengthen competition in their area.

Contact: Lotten Svensson :