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Groningen - City of Active Ageing



Together with the Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN), the partners of the Groningen Agreement are organising a Healthy Ageing Campaign in 2012 called “GA! Groningen” (Healthy & Active Groningen). It involves numerous activities in the field of healthy nutrition, healthy lifestyle, exercise & sports, and is meant to introduce as many Groningen citizens to the Healthy Ageing theme as possible.

This public campaign underlines the theme’s urgency and raises broad public awareness (among young and old) about healthy living, nutrition, and exercise. With this program, the partners of the Groningen Agreement give meaning to the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.

The kick-off of the campaign was on April 24, with food and drink establishments in Groningen selling Healthy Ageing meals, a fish picnic at the Vismarkt and the opening of the GA! Groningen concept store in the city centre: the GA! Spot.

One of the highlights of the year’s agenda was also the third edition of the Night of Arts and Sciences, which took place on June 2. Like previous editions, the festival was all about discovering the “unknown”. Visitors were introduced to new artists, theories, areas of science, and art forms. The programme of activities included lectures, performances, interactive test set-ups, workshops, and experiments, all within the Healthy Ageing theme or: how to live healthy and stay active for as long as we can. The motto of the event was: “To die young, as late as possible”.

Besides, the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) will be running until September 14th the exhibition “Art and Healthy Ageing”, featuring the works of five young artists who gave their interpretation of the different aspects of the process of becoming old. The artists are alumni of the School of Fine Arts, Design & Pop Culture Minerva in Groningen.

The City of Groningen hosts the University of Groningen, Hanze University Groningen and the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG), where healthy ageing has been an important area of research and education for many years now.

The UMCG is acknowledged internationally as one of the leaders in the field of healthy ageing. Patient care, research and education are its core tasks. At Hanze University Groningen several lectors work together in research programmes focusing on developing real life applications. In addition to the UMCG the faculties of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Behavioural and Social Sciences, Arts, Economics and Business, and Spatial Sciences of the University of Groningen have also taken up healthy ageing as a major theme for research and education.

Promoter: Groningen Agreement strategic partnership

The Groningen Agreement is the strategic partnership of the University of Groningen, Hanze University Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen and Groningen municipality. By joining forces, a clear vision and a common agenda, they want the position of Groningen as the knowledge and innovation city of North Netherlands. 

Partner(s): Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN)