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Paletten ©

Launched in 2012, Paletten is a three-folded web-based tool with the main purpose to facilitate information to senior citizens about the different social, cultural, and exercise offers in the Municipality of Odense, Denmark.  Developed by the local Department for the Elderly and the Disabled, Paletten is a tool targeted to:

  1. the citizens and the rehabilitation guides in the municipality, in order to facilitate the access to the different offers, and
  2. the providers of the offers, who get free and effective advertisement; and

It is also a self-driven database, managed by the providers themselves and only controlled by a few public administrators.

Paletten also includes information about the local “montionsguiders”, volunteers who go out to help people in need of some kind of exercise. They are recruited and matched by the municipality’s motions-coordinators. Their job is to get the elderly back to a normal life with as little help as possible. Motionsguiders are not necessarily educated in any kind of health or exercise subject, but are driven by their humanitarian need to do something good for other people.    

The Paletten website is supported by geodata and Google Maps, which allow users to search for an offer in their local community and to find the exact path to the activity on a map.

The Municipality of Odense is encouraging citizens to take an active part in their own lives and the welfare state as a whole, seeking to boost the local community and the activities of both single volunteers and volunteers in organisations.

Promoter: Municipality of Odense

The City of Odense is the 3rd largest city in Denmark with 187,000 inhabitants of which 22,000 are aged 60 or older. The Department for the Elderly and Disabled has around 3,500 employees and is responsible for a range of services, such as home care, transport and housing for pensioners with relevant needs and for residents with physical and mental disabilities.

Contact: Diana Birk Krogstrup :