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"Read and have others read" intergenerational initiative


Île de France(France)

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The national association “Lire et faire lire” (Read and have others read) launched an iniative in October 2005 called “Sacs de Pages” (Bags of pages) in which volunteers over 50 years old are invited to read to children in holiday camps and leisure centres, as well as encourage them to read.

Each year, "Read and have others read" offers a selection of works on a different theme. In 2012, in the context of the European Year, a selection of books on intergenerational solidarity were donated to the children. An accompanying booklet of pedagogical contributions, suggestions for games and activities related to the proposed theme also completed the initiative.

"Read and have others read" has two complementary objectives:

  • an educational and cultural objective which fits into the Ministry of National Education's priorities for the development of reading and language skills, participates in the promotion of children's literature and the discovery of their literary heritage.
  • an objective of intergenerational exchange, promoting the meeting and dialogue between children and retirees.

The 2011-2012 "Read and have others read" initiative reached about 5,750 children, and mobilized over 300 volunteers. This summer, more than 3,000 books were handed out in 326 summer camps in 58 French departments. The books offered by the organisation's publishing partners will continue to be read to children in schools, nurseries, libraries in years to come …

Promoter: Lire et faire lire

Lire et faire lire (Read and have others read) is a national programme which encourages reading and intergenerational solidarity. French volunteers over 50 years old offer some of their free time for children to stimulate their interest in reading and literature. )

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