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Cross-border institutional practices for +Active Ageing

Spain Spain

Galicia(Spain) / Portugal

Cross-border institutional practices for +Active Ageing © Xavi Talleda | Flickr

The +Active Ageing project has been designed to promote the planning and joint use of facilities, innovative programmes and social services at cross-border level between the regions of Galicia (Spain) and the North of Portugal for the early detection of future dependency needs and the promotion of active and healthy ageing.

The project's objectives are:

- The promotion of good practice in the early detection and prevention of dependence (i.e.; the loss of physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairment, requiring aid to perform basic daily activities.) Activities will be directed towards a greater understanding and use of available information in the prevention and detection of dependence. as well as focus on the strategic development and direction of innovative measures and pilot projects.

- The experimentation of new technologies for senior care and personal autonomy. The outcome of this project will result in the improved well-being and quality of life of older people both through promoting healthy lifestyle patterns and improving the care provided by carers through new systems of telecare and rehabilitation technologies.

- The promotion of healthy lifestyles, social cohesion and greater efficiency in the management of economic resources in border areas. The aim of this initiative is to better promote active ageing and the importance of senior social inclusion through intergenerational exchange, increasing awareness and knowledge of both older people and their informal caregivers, and the importance of developing practical preventive health.

+ Active Ageing will complete the following actions during 2012, in the context of the European Year for Active Ageing:

  • define a strategic approach and 2020 vision - what can be done to help seniors until 2020
  • set new joint action protocols and tools for northern Portugal and Galicia
  • disseminate information and organise briefings on healthy lifestyles
  • produce and distribute an interactive training CD-ROM on healthy lifestyles
  • promote technological innovation and scientific achievements in healthcare
  • set up new e-learning platforms for seniors, caregivers and administrative staff
  • create a new advanced telecare system based on the latest technologies applied to the sector
  • pilot new rehabilitation techniques
  • diffusion of active ageing actions, addressed at older people, carers and administration staff
Promoter: Regional Government of Galicia

The Xunta de Galicia is the governing body of the Autonomous Community of Galicia. The Employment and Social Welfare Council is responsible for the promotion of social welfare, community services and the inclusion of older people. The council has extensive expertise in the development of activities, programs and services for older people.

Sponsor (s): The Spain-Portugal Cross-border Cooperation Programme
Contact: Coro Piñeiro Vázquez : coro.piñ