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Fruits of Society - a project of intergenerational cooperation



Fruits of Society - a project of intergenerational cooperation ©

Launched in 2006 by the Slovene Philanthropy Association, this initiative entails connecting schools with associations for elderly people, and encouraging them to start developing different intergenerational activities. The purpose of this project is to systematically unite old and young people, using institutions that are familiar with the needs and abilities of both groups as intermediaries. The project was supported by the former president of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Janez Drnovšek.

In 2009 the project opened the first Fruits of Society House, an intergenerational centre in Murska Sobota that offers an ongoing schedule of activities.

The project's aim is to ensure additional help for the elderly by young people and, at the same time, help youth acquire new knowledge, and also receive help with their school work. Another aim of the project is to tackle the stereotypes young and old people tend to have against each other.  Essentially, the idea is to create a forum where ideas can be exchanged on how to deepen and extend intergenerational voluntary cooperation to other activities and how to carry out these activities in different contexts.

The Slovene Philanthropy Association commits to contributing to the European Year 2012 by:

  • creating an on-line classroom where examples of good practices, methods and tools related to intergenerational cooperation can be collected,
  • organising five workshops about intergenerational cooperation for mentors and other organisers of intergenerational activities,
  • incorporating at least 60 new organisations and supporting them in the development of their activities.
Promoter: Slovene Philanthropy Association

Slovene Philanthropy is a humanitarian organisation that has been active in public interest since 1992. Through the Slovenian Network of Volunteer Organisations, the Slovene Philanthropy Association oversees a wide range of activities. It promotes voluntary work and informs interested individuals about how to get involved, as well as manages volunteer training and works towards connecting organisations. The network also carries out the activities for the overall development of volunteering in Slovenia. Since 2006, the Slovene Philanthropy Association develops and promotes intergenerational voluntary work.

Partner(s): Slovenian network of volunteer organisations
Contact: Tjaša Arko :