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Sharing Spaces, Sharing Lives


France / Île de France(France)

Sharing Spaces, Sharing Lives ©

ensemble2génerations aims to facilitate dialogue between generations and the exchange of experiences through room renting and space sharing for young students at older people's homes. 

The objective of the initiative is to favour social exchange and pair up people of different ages, origins, cultures and religions in order to foster a multicultural experience. This new form of intergenerational solidarity is promoted through thirteen agencies in France and 900 pairs of student/senior citizens. 

Senior citizens are encouraged to open their homes and their hearts to students, thereby gaining not only a small rent but also the possibility of company and sharing conversations and life with a younger generation.

Students will also benefit from finding a lodging at a reasonable price, and have the opportunity to learn from elderly people and become more aware of the issues related to ageing.

Ensemble2génerations was awarded on 13 November 2012 with the  European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations Award in the category of Social Entrepreneurship.


Promoter: ensemble2générations

Christian association which promotes solidarity. Its objectives are to create links between generations, break the barriers of solitude for senior citizens and improve lodging options of students. The association is open to everyone no matter their origin, culture and religious beliefs. Its mission is to foster solidarity and work around a simple and generous idea: one space shared.