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Finland Finland Finland Finland 08/2010-07/2012

Finland / Lithuania / Poland / Ireland

@daptation is a Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project aimed to counteract limited computer use among seniors by employing the resources of 55+ volunteers who:

  • facilitate older learners to gain basic ICT skills by using age-appropriate content and peer-learning approach
  • share training methods and practice in international workshops
  • act as facilitators teaching older ICT learners in an intercultural context.

Trainers and learners (all 55+) from Lithuania, Ireland, Finland and Poland participated between March 2011 and January 2012 in four workshops held in the participating countries. Older learners were trained to act as multipliers and afterwards assist their friends and neighbours in gaining digital literacy skills.

The results of this initiative have already been published in the dedicated website of the project, where participating partners share the resources used during the workshops and their advice for facilitators in ICT teaching to older learners.

Promoter: Seniors Initiatives Centre - Kaunas

Seniors Initiatives Centre is a nonprofit organization in Kaunas, Lithuania, seeking to improve the quality of life of elder people, helping them to adapt to changes in modern society and encouraging their self expression and active participation in social life.

Partner(s): Age Action Ireland
Lodz 3U
Sponsor (s): Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project
Contact: Edita Satiene :