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“Ping Pong, Never Too Old For Gold”


United Kingdom / England(United Kingdom)

“Ping Pong, Never Too Old For Gold” is an encouraging British feature length documentary featuring a group of pensioners from across the planet competing in the over-80s World Table Tennis Championships in Inner Mongolia.

The movie, presented in March during the UK launch event of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, will be officially released in July (two weeks before the Olympics) and travel to cinemas and outdoor events until the end of September.

The film follows eight players with 703 years between them, who guide viewers through the extraordinary world of veteran sports, including Australian legend Dorothy de Low, who at 99 years old was the oldest competitor at the championships in Inner Mongolia. Other stars of the movie are Terry (81), who having been given a week to live not only recovers, but gets in sight of winning gold, and Inge (89), who has used table tennis to train her way out of dementia.

"Ping Pong" is a funny and emotional film about people who might be old, but still want gold. From the outset the film challenges perceptions of what it is to grow old. With humour and sensitivity it engages with the issues we all face in an ageing global population.

In partnership with AGE UK the film has been showed in 2,000 residential care homes, sheltered accommodation and community centres, where it has been used to inspire other older people to take part in the game, and give them information about other accessible sports that they can try.

Promoter: BRITDOC

BRITDOC, founded in partnership with Channel 4 in 2005, is the award-winning non-profit behind a string of stand-out documentaries in recent years. It also runs the international event The Good Pitch, which matches documentaries with brand and NGO partners.

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