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Public Transport Ambassadors

Belgium 12/2011-12/2012


Public Transport Ambassadors

How do I take a bus service? How can I find information online about travel destinations and travel times? Where can I find bus stops? What are the payment options? These seem simple questions, but for some seniors the solutions are less than obvious.

In order to help seniors get used to the public transport, Mobiel 21 has lead the implementation of the project PT-Ambassadors. The aim of this initiative is to contribute to raise awareness among senior citizens in Flanders and Brussels on the importance of sustainable mobility and encourage them to use public transport more often.

The promoters try to achieve this by organising workshops that are taught and attended by senior citizens. During these practical classes the elderly get more information on public transport and they practice skills that are useful when travelling by bus, train, tram and/or metro.

The project's strength is that the workshops are organised by and for senior citizens. The idea was launched by giving a group of 35 seniors (the ambassadors) an intensive training.  They all received a diploma on December 6th 2011 from the Flemish Minister for Mobility, Hilde Crevits.

Workshops will be held form January to September 2012.

Promoter: Mobiel 21

Mobiel 21 is an organisation committed towards building a culture of sustainable mobility in Flanders, Belgium and Europe that maintains the balance between social, ecological (including health) and economic aspects.

Partner(s): De Lijn
Okra 55+
TreinTramBus (TTB)
Vlaamse Ouderenraad
Location: Flanders
Contact: Patrick Auwerx: