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Intergenerational Housing: Seniors and Students Sharing the Same Home



The non-profit organization ASBL 1 Toit 2 Ages  (2 Ages 1 Roof), centered on intergenerational housing, is working in Brussels since 2009 and will be expanding their operations in 2012 to Namur, Liege and Mons. 

Intergenerational housing is only the starting point of a fulfilling experience, where solidarity between generations is perfectly expressed with a win-win exchange.

"2 Ages 1 Roof" has an established step-by-step procedure. After screening applying students through an in-depth interview and validate their expectations about this type of housing, the association proceeds then to visit seniors at the candidate houses in order to check that everything is correct.

After this, meetings are organized in order to introduce senior and student. Once an agreement is reached, the housing relationship is formalized by a housing contract. The association then fulfills a mediator role should any problems arise throughout the year.

For 2012, and in the context of the European Year for Active Ageing, the association "2 Ages 1 Roof" has set a target: to create 95 pairs of senior/student sharing arrangements, and 10 more in each of the new cities they will be expanding to. 

Promoter: ASBL 1 Toit 2 Ages

The objective of ASBL 1 Toit 2 Ages (2 Ages 1 Roof) is to strengthen intergenerational bonds by connecting seniors and students whose housing expectations and needs are compatible. During each academic year, the student will be staying with the senior, in exchange for services or a moderate rent. The senior citizen is thus accompanied by a reassuring partner who shares his/her premises, and has the possibility of getting help for a number of daily activities, or obtain a small rent. It is a convivial and economic lodging solution, which will also enrich the student's experience and helps towards getting better academic achievements.

Contact: Claire de Kerautem: