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Kleanthios Athienou shelter for the elder

Cyprus 01/2012-12/2012


Kleanthios Athienou shelter for the elder

The Kleanthios shelter for the elder is located in the village of Athienou, in Larnaca district (Cyprus), and operates since February 1983. The establishment serves the following aims: a) labelling of community’s social needs b) promotion of necessary social services c) mobilization of volunteers for community involvement regarding the development and improvement of services of the shelter, leading into quality of living for the elderly, and d) educating and informing the public with respect to social needs and finding ways to satisfy them.

On the occasion of the European Year 2012 and for the entertainment, the constructive engagement, the effective time scheduling of the occupants and in terms of socialization, Kleanthios Athienou will organize in cooperation with other groups of the town and others, the following activities:

• “Walking for Health” where primary school pupils will walk together with the elderly to show the importance of health.
• Gymnastics with elderly and students of the local elementary school.
• Creation of banners by young volunteers in the context of active aging.
• New Year's event which involves young volunteers.
• Crafts bazaar from the elderly, volunteers and students of primary school.
• Visit from the elderly to primary school during art course with the attendance of students from the School.
• Involvement of older people in Athienou school celebrations and theatres, sports competitions.
• Halloween Party and decoration of the property by young volunteers.
• Visits from schools of neighbouring communities in Kleantheio Housing.
• "I walk in the Elderly" event where young and old volunteers walk along with the elder people.
• Cyprus night to honour all pensioners of the town of Athienou.
• Joy and Celebration festival for all ages.
• Walk and visit of the elderly in the museum of our community.
• Reward volunteers with various events and excursions.
• Training volunteers in various seminars.
• Lecture on Alzheimer's community updates


Projektträger: Community Volunteer Council

The Community Volunteer Council was founded in 1970, the number of members of the organization currently stands at 46 people and it operates four programs: the Kleanthios shelter for elderly, the Konstantinelenio Adult Centre, the Nursery and Welfare Committee dyspragountes residents of the community.

Ort: Athienou (Larnaca)
Kontakt: Dimitra Koumidou :