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Population Europe - Ageing and Life Expectancy Research



Ageing societies and the challenges they present are a major topic in every European country. The rise of pension age, as well as the worries about pension systems, is currently on all policy-makers’ schedule. Population Europe, the network of Europe’s leading demographic research centres, aims to tackle the challenges by providing new insights, precise facts and evidence-based findings at the forefront of population and policy research.

In spring 2012, the collaborative network organised two events dealing with ageing and life expectancy: “Riding the Population Wave: Policy Options for the ageing Baby-Boomer Generation in Europe”, celebrated in Warsaw on May 17th, and “Long-Live Europe: Demographic prospects for Europe in the next decades”, which took place in Prague on June 1st. Both conferences brought together European researchers, policy-makers and NGO representatives, who presented and discussed their recent findings. 

On the occasion of the European Year 2012, Population Europe has also prepared and distributed among its members a comprehensive online press kit with information about recent scientific research concerning active ageing.

Projektträger: Population Europe

Population Europe, founded in 2009, is a collaborative network on demographic research which builds upon a unique knowledge base that includes the leadingresearch centresof Europe. The partner institutes of Population Europe cover a broad array of topics and utilise innovative methods in the field of population studies.

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