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Campaign against age discrimination

Germany 01/2012-12/2012

Berlin(Germany) / Germany

The German Anti-discrimination Agency (ADS) has declared 2012 the Year Against Age Discrimination. Under the motto “Im besten Alter. Immer” (In the Best Age, Always) the agency aims to raise awareness among citizens about the use of attributes such as "too young" or "too old", because behind them there are usually many prejudices, such as the idea that youngsters have little work experience or seniors are not very flexible.

A highlight of the thematic year is the Action Week,which took place April 23-29. Several regions celebrated during the week events in cooperation with schools, senior centres, businesses, NGOs and cultural institutions, stimulating an intergenerational dialogue and raising awareness on the age discrimination issue.

The federal agency has also designated special ambassadors for the year. The prominent figures supporting the campaign so far are actresses Liz Baffoe, Uschi Glas and Maren Kroymann; professor R.D. Hirsch; publicist Sven Kuntze; Peter Maffay, singer; actor Axel Pape and Henning Scherf, former Mayor of Bremen and President of the Senate of Bremen.

In the frame of this thematic year, an Experts Committee presided by Dr. Scherf, will work on the development of concrete actions and proposals to reduce age discrimination in Germany. Their recommendations will be presented by the end of the year.

Projektträger: Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency

The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (ADS) is an independent point of contact for people who are affected by discrimination. It was established in 2006 after the General EqualTreatment Act (AGG) came into force.