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InterGen – Intergenerational Learning in Europe

Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany 10/2010-10/2012

Germany / Spain / Sweden / Slovakia / Steiermark(Austria) / England(United Kingdom)

InterGen – Intergenerational Learning in Europe

InterGen is a Pan-European project providing institutions working with disadvantaged children and those working with the elderly the opportunity to cooperate in the development of learning and exchange projects.

This initiative aims to respond to two identified needs, providing significant support for both:

  • Older people often suffer from feelings of low esteem, low confidence and restricted value to their community.
  • Disadvantaged children need support and encouragement to help them to develop and grow.

InterGen partners from UK, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Slovakia and Germany are developing and testing new training resources to support organise and deliver a highly professional level of Intergenerational Mentoring, such as one to one sessions where professionally trained older people guide children who need support. The mentors can then share their experiences and help recruit and train more mentors to carry on the work.

This two years international project, ending in October 2012, is based on two Lifelong Learning projects:  MentorMigration, which offers a base for the project's contents, and SAGE, which will give InterGen a fully tested training structure.

For instance, in Slovakia the promoters of the project worked with 10 seniors and 10 children from Roma families, promoting spontaneous meetings and activities which allowed old volunteers to pass their own skills and knowledge to the younger generations.

Projektträger: Point Europa

Point Europa is an independent training and education charity, founded in February 2004. It organises a huge range of training, education and community development activities, often with a strong European flavour.

Partner: Forum to help seniors
Malmö University
Volkshilfe Styria
Sponsor (s): Leonardo da Vinci's Lifelong Learning Programme