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Social Inclusion and Dignity in Old Age - Promoting participatory approaches to use reference budgets

Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium /2012-/2014

Belgium / Czech Republic / Germany / Poland / Slovakia / United Kingdom / Bulgaria

“Social inclusion and Dignity in Old Age - Participatory approaches to use reference budgets” is an EU-funded project involving partners from 7 European countries. Launched withing the framework of the European Year 2012, the programme is particularly designed to explore innovative initiatives and learning methods and checking how to effectively use “reference budgets” for the benefit of older people

Developed in various countries across Europe in the last few years for a variety of aims “reference budgets” (expenditure patterns for different types of households to live on a designated level of well-being) have been successfully used in the fields of social services, debt counselling/ prevention and consumer education.

New approaches for the development of budgets for senior households involve older people in defining the basket of goods and services for decent living at older age. From the perspective of senior organisations these experiences with seniors themselves need to be shared and transferred into strategies and specific recommendations about coping better with everyday life.

The project includes several activities:

  • Five transnational workshops in Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and  Bulgaria aiming to create new opportunities for a better cooperation between senior organisations and  all actors in the field of social inclusion, debt prevention and consumer education.
  • A virtual “European Platform promoting participatory approaches to use reference budgets” supporting the learners and the public to understand the recent debate concerning the use of these tools.
  • A final round table in 2014 in Brussels to present lessons learned and key messages.
  • A final Guide targeting senior organisations, service providers and politicians will showcase strategies, educational approaches and practices targeting diverse groups of older people in Europe highlighting their particular needs.
Organisator: BAGSO (German National Association of Senior Citizens' Organisations)

BAGSO is the lobby of the elderly in Germany, representing more than 100 member organisations and the interests of 13 million senior citizens. BAGSO promotes healthy ageing initiatives, independent living for the elderly and intergenerational cooperation and dialogue.

Sponsor (s): Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project
Kontakt: Elke Tippelman: