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Alcove Project: Sharing knowledge to advance healthcare policies in Europe for people living with dementia and their carers

EU /2011-/2013


ALCOVE (Alzheimer's Cooperative Valuation in Europe) is a 24-month joint action project launched in 2011 which aims to guide public health decisions in EU Member States by fostering better coordination of care for people living with Alzheimer’s disease.

It will share its recommendations for people living with dementia and their carers, based on research conducted, at the ALCOVE final event on 28 March 2013. 

ALCOVE’s partners share the goal of ensuring the safety and quality of life for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and their carers. An important element of their work focuses on reducing overexposure to antipsychotic drugs in dementia care. 

It is part of ALCOVE’s mission to compile the most recent research, evidence and good practices regarding dementia, and share this information in the form of a toolbox so that Europeans living with Alzheimer’s will have access to information about new care options. In this way, ALCOVE will help European Member States reduce the risks involved with the use of antipsychotic drugs, promote alternative treatments and innovative support systems, and alert and educate carers and improve their skills so that they are better supported. 

To do this, it replies to the following strategic questions:

  1. How can data for knowledge about dementia prevalence be improved?
  2. How can access to dementia diagnosis and to the appropriate care be ensured as early as possible?
  3. How can care for people living with dementia, and particularly those exhibiting the Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) be improved?
  4. How can the rights of people with dementia regarding advance declarations of will and competence assessments be improved?

Alcove’s focus on decreasing the use of antipsychotic drugs also serves as a guide to support the implementation of good practices in the field of risk prevention among people living with dementia.

Organisator: ALCOVE (Alzheimer Cooperative Valuation in Europe)

ALCOVE is a European Community-funded Joint Action coordinated by the HAS with the participation of 19 European Member States and 30 partner organisations.The organisations have been designated by their national governments for their clinical, epidemiological or public health expertise in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

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