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SAVE AGE - Strengthening Energy Efficiency Awareness among Residential Homes for Elderly People

Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic /2010-/2013

Czech Republic / Spain / Denmark / Sweden / Portugal / Slovenia / Italy / Greece / Netherlands

The SAVE AGE project (2010 – 2013) is a European initiative addressing energy efficiency issues in nursing homes. The project views nursing homes as an important means of decreasing energy consumption and costs. Besides technical improvements and changing energy consumption related behaviour, the project aims to raise awareness and enhance employees’ energy related knowledge.

SAVE AGE conducted a thorough analysis of the current situation, searching for technical, behavioural, educative and financial obstacles towards energy efficiency in residential and care homes for the elderly. Analyses in 100 care homes in 10 European countries resulted in recommendations for residents, managers, and employees in nursing homes, showing them how to improve the comfort of the elderly while saving energy and reducing operational costs.

The main goal of the project is to show residential care homes how to save money by investing it in the development of their services and improving living conditions for their residents. The project is supported by Intelligent Energy Europe.

The different project partners have organised national seminars and workshops in all participating countries. The main goal of the seminars is to facilitate an exchange of information between researchers, national authorities, non-governmental organisations, energy agencies, and different companies.

At thematic workshops, experts presented some case studies and best practices regarding energy efficiency in residential care homes. Working with the managers, employees and residents has led the experts to useful findings regarding energy and energy efficiency.

Among other things, the project partners pointed out that the quality of living conditions and care services for the elderly is of major importance. Some attention was also given to how to spend the money that was saved through increased energy efficiency, aiming to spend it in a way that would improve the living conditions of the elderly.

Organisator: E.D.E.

The European Association for Directors and Providers of Long-Term Care Services for the Elderly (E.D.E.) was founded in Luxembourg in 1989. The aim of the association is the promotion of co-operation of national associations and corresponding national institutions of care for the elderly as well as their representation on a European level.

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