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National Health Targets: Healthy ageing


Berlin(Germany) / Germany

The National Health Targets project ( / started as a joint pilot of the German Federal Ministry of Health and the GVG (Association for Social Security Policy and Research) in December 2000. Its main objective is to elaborate a consensus of exemplary health targets and implementation strategies.

These targets are steering instruments of health policies in Germany that offer the system in place the common objectives needed to contribute effectively to the quality of preventative and curative medicine, to rehabilitation, and to the economical use of resources.

Seven health targets have been defined since the creation of the platform: disease-related (diabetes; breast cancer; depressive illnesses), health promotion-related (tobacco consumption; healthy children; healthy ageing) or of systemic nature (patient empowerment).

The latest national health target agreed on is Healthy Ageing, and it was developed over a timeframe of three years by a working group comprising all relevant representatives. The target consists of three main areas of intervention: health promotion/prevention (autonomy preservation); medical, psychosocial and care provision, and special challenges (i.e. dementia). It also includes 13 sub-targets. For each of these sub-targets recommendations are given for interventions in various areas, such as education and information, condition oriented prevention, behaviour oriented prevention, science and research as well as quality assurance.

As a commitment to the European Year 2012, the recently developed healthy ageing target will be published in print in May and will be disseminated to relevant organisations and institutions at a large extent. will present the new health target at several conferences and in June the platform will stage a workshop on healthy ageing within the frame of the eHealth Conference 2012 in Saarbrücken.

For 2012 is also planning a meeting of all relevant stakeholders from the municipal level to discuss how the healthy ageing target can be utilized and implemented in the communities.

Organisator: ( is a working alliance involving more than 100 organisations in the German health system which has set itself the task of taking forward the process of developing national health targets. Since the year 2000 the relevant institutions and organisations have been developing a consensus on national health targets for Germany and undertaking, on a voluntary basis, to implement them in their own area of responsibility.

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