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Art Education Therapy for socially vulnerable groups

Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain 10/2010-11/2012

Spain / Finland / Poland / Slovakia / United Kingdom / Italy

The Artery (Art Education Therapy) project is an international e-learning platform through which artists, therapists and educators can share best methods of work with socially vulnerable groups, including the elderly.

Those who deal with art, education and/or therapy every day know how important it is to get new, fresh inspiration. To learn efficient, attractive methods and techniques useful in work with various target groups. The platform has been designed to meet these needs.

Artery is a Grundtvig Multilateral Project involving six organisations from Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Spain and Finland.

The platform contains instructional teaching material in the form of Learning Paths in English illustrated with photos, drawings and short films. Anyone can access them for free, and join a European exchange of ideas and good practices. Anyone can also share his own training materials, as well as write comments and questions about the educational resources on the platform.

A manual for those who work with vulnerable people, containing new ideas to develop social skills for promoting social inclusion, has been developed by the coalition. It is available online in six languages (English, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Slovakian and Finnish). In September 2012, the partnership organised an international workshop in Perugia, Italy, to share and discuss their work.

Pořádající organizace: Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre

The Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre was founded in 1999 in the town of Bielsko-Biala. The association groups artists, pedagogues, culture promoters and entrepreneurs engaged in supporting children, teenagers, adults and the elderly from the socially excluded groups.

Sponsor (s): Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project
Webová stránka: http://www.arteryproject.eu/platform/index.php
Kontakt: Maria Schejbal: maria@teatrgrodzki.pl