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When I’m 64…



When I’m 64… © Geraud | GerbertEuroClub

“When I’m 64” is a blog written by secondary school students, in which they imagine what it will be like when they reach retirement age. The GerbertEuroClub, a student's association from the Ensemble Scolaire Gerbert Schools in Aurillac, has come up with the idea for this blog to celebrate the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012.

Students have especially enjoyed that the blog includes a feature to create morphed photos of themselves, to make them look like they might when they are 64 years old. The aim of the blog is clear: to make the 17-year-old students think about what it means to live a worthwhile life (what really matters the most) and how to grow old with dignity.

The students were very optimistic about their elder years, and imagined all of the various details of where they will live, how many children and grandchildren they will have, what they will have done for work, what their spouses are like, where they have travelled to, and what their plans for the future are. They all imagined that at 64 they will be even more active than they are now!

Taken altogether, the project helped the young students not only to imagine their own lives as older people, but also to relate with the older people in their community and around the world. It helped them to realise that older people are an important part of society today, just as they will be an important part of society years in the future when they arrive to retirement age.

Pořádající organizace: GerbertEuroClub Aurillac

Student association whose role is to promote the EU and EU initiatives within the Ensemble Scolaire Gerbert Schools in Aurillac.

Webová stránka: http://europeday2012.blogspot.fr/
Kontakt: Peter Nettleship: