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mereutanar.com - a web platform dedicated to and about active seniors in Romania


Romania / Bucharest(Romania)

mereutanar.com - a web platform dedicated to and about active seniors in Romania © mereutanar.com | Caritas Romania

In the context of the European Year 2012, Caritas Romania has launched www.mereutanar.com, a website for and about Active Seniors. Unique in Romania, the web platform represents a means of promoting notable life experiences of active seniors, as well as best practice examples concerning active ageing and solidarity between generations. 

The website contains resources, tips, and information about health, psychology, nutrition, voluntary work and legislation, Through the portal, specialists offer advice to older persons who wish to be informed and adopt a dynamic lifestyle. The page also includes announcements of events for seniors, to which Caritas Romania contributes with the organisation of activities for and with seniors throughout 2012, to keep them healthy and active socially, culturally, economically and professionally.

Furthermore, other than emphasising the potential and qualities of older people in Romania, the website has the role of bringing older and younger generations closer, as a means of enabling seniors to come into contact with technology with the help of the younger people in their lives.

Additionally, mereutanar.com presents itself as a platform for the nomination of the most active seniors in Romania. All persons who know, respect and wish to show their appreciation towards one special senior were invited to nominate her/him and send their story to the platform between 3 April – 15 August. The most touching, interesting and extraordinary stories were awarded at the Seniors Awards Gala on 1 October in Bucharest, during the International Day of Older Persons.

Pořádající organizace: Caritas Romania Confederation

Caritas Romania Confederation serves the needs of 70,000 beneficiaries, of which 15,000 are elderly and people with disabilities who receive home care. The Caritas services and activities in place for seniors, aim to maintain the autonomy of older people, and value them as members of their family and community.

Webová stránka: http://www.mereutanar.com/
Kontakt: Maria Crangasu: maria.crangasu@caritas.org.ro