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Ambient light guiding system for the mobility support of elderly people

Austria 01/05/2012-30/04/2015


Ambient light guiding system for the mobility support of elderly people © http://guiding-light.labs.fhv.at

The objective of the Guiding Light project being developed by UCT Research in Austria is to develop, tentatively implement and empirically evaluate an intelligent assistance system aiming to maintain and improve the indoor and outdoor mobility of older people.

This goal is to be achieved by enhancing the spatial and temporal orientation of elderly people by means of a guiding system based on ambient light.

UCT Research intends to extend knowledge about the impact of an effective lighting on the well-being and comfort of older people, and translate this into a cost-effective open solution.

This solution should assist older adults in living at home autonomously for a longer time and help them accomplish their daily activities.

Pořádající organizace: University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg - UCT Research

The University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg’s User-Centred Technologies Research Institute (UCT Research) concentrates in the investigation and development of new technologies according to the needs and restrictions of users.

Sponsor (s): 7th Framework Programme (FP7) - European Commission
Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP)
Webová stránka: http://guiding-light.labs.fhv.at/Site_2/GUIDING_LIGHT.html
Sídlo: Dornbirn
Kontakt: Guido Kempter : kem@fhv.at