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Exoskeleton legs for elderly persons (EXO-LEGS)

Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany 01/10/2012-30/09/2015

Germany / Spain / Sweden / United Kingdom / Switzerland

Exoskeleton legs for elderly persons & #40;EXO-LEGS& #41; © Andres Rueda | Flickr

The University of Gävle (Sweden) is coordinating a European project to develop lower body mobility exoskeletons (EXO-LEGS) for assisting elderly persons to move around to perform their normal daily activities. These movements include performing activities such as standing up, sitting down, straight walking on flat ground, walking over objects, walking on soft ground such as grass, walking up and down stairs, etc.

The EXO-LEGS three year project started on October 2012 and brings together end-users, companies, and research organisations at the EU level to specify the indoor and outdoor mobility needs of elderly persons to enable them to continue living independently for as long as possible.

Basic, Standard and Deluxe exoskeleton prototypes (half- and full- models) will be designed, developed, tested and validated in research labs before being validated by elderly users in Sweden, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

The research work will lead to development of commercial assistive products by the companies involved in the project. Once these solutions are available, other user segments will be able to benefit, namely, handicapped persons, overweight people, etc to increase the impact further.

A European Consortium involving 3 research organisations, 6 companies and one government entity is developing this project

Организатор: University of Gävle

Gävle University has around 14,500 students and more than 50 study programmes and second-cycle programmes. Built Environment and Health-promoting Working Life are the general research profiles of the higher education institution.

Sponsor (s): Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP)
Уебсайт: http://www.exo-legs.org/index.html
За контакти: Gurvinder S Virk: gurvinder.virk@hig.se