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Third Age Lucky - Learning and Creativity in the Third Age



The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (ACS) aims to pave the way for cultural learning with video productions and other didactic materials, with a campaign that was based on good practices of ACS Award winners.

The featured production was a documentary film titled “Third Age Lucky - Learning and Creativity in the Third Age”, which carries messages that support the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012. It was co-produced by the Adult Education Centre of Slovenia and the National Radio and Television of Slovenia (RTV SLO).

The 34-minute documentary film contains an introduction and four parts: Careers in your Fifties; Intergenerational Cooperation; Learning: the Path of Active Ageing; and Volunteering as a Third Career. The film promotes some fundamental principles, examples and challenges regarding creative inclusion of older people (aged 55 +). The educational aspect of the video was supported by partnerships with various stakeholders, including universities and social organisations.

The production is available to the public in the form of a DVD, which is printed with quotes from the video. It was aired on television on 10 May 2012.

ACS produced the film because the age of the active population in Slovenia is on the rise, and therefore the promotion of active ageing is becoming a necessary part of life. This means not only promoting the employment of older people, but also promoting educational activities after sixty, promoting intergenerational cooperation, and promoting volunteering as a third career. 

The video is especially dedicated to training needs for the areas of self-help, volunteering, neighbourhood and local club support, and the need for inter-generational learning, harmony and mutual support between the generations. 

Организатор: Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (ACS)

Andragoški Center Slovenije (The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education) provides professional support and monitors the development of adult education through formal and informal learning. It develops programmes to increase adult literacy, and in particular takes care to increase access to education and educational learning and provide teaching disadvantaged adults.

Уебсайт: http://vimeo.com/42702098
За контакти: Darijan Novak: darijan.novak@acs.si