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Connect Latvia!



Connect Latvia! © piesledzieslatvija.lv

“Connect Latvia!” is a socially targeted project which is being conducted for the fourth consecutive year by Lattelecom, the largest electronic services provider in Latvia. The project teaches seniors basic computer and internet skills, such as switching on a PC, searching for information on the web, using e-mail and Skype. Classes are held in small groups, up to 14 students in a class, and the course lasts three days.

In 2012, as a special commitment to the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, the project has expanded and aims to teach up to 6,000 seniors aged 50 and older with the support of the Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Education and Science. Until September more than 5,000 seniors had applied to participate in these e-literacy courses, which involve a total of 90 schools and their Information Technology teachers.

According to Lattelecom studies, 81% of those seniors who have mastered basic computer skills and have started using those skills in their daily lives confirm that their quality of life has improved. They claim that they now feel more integrated in modern society.

“The most important thing is to continue to exercise one’s brain as time goes on, or else everything goes to naught. I am socially active, and it is very important for me to master computer literacy, since I have to keep in touch with friends living in different countries. In order to keep up with the world news, I subscribe to six newspapers – starting with local printed media, but I also subscribe to The Economist and Der Spiegel. As time goes on, writing letters becomes more and more difficult for me, both the writing itself, as well as the posting. I am somewhat familiar with using e-mail, and I would like to learn to use the internet, web pages and Google,” explains Aina Rodriguez-Mata. At the beginning of July, she attended the computer classes held by "Connect Latvia!" The lady is 93 years old. 

Организатор: Lattelecom

Lattelecom is the leading provider of electronic communications services in Latvia, offering electronic communication solutions for home, small and medium-sized businesses, state and municipal institutions, as well as for corporate clients.

Уебсайт: http://www.piesledzieslatvija.lv/lv/jaunakas-zinas/
За контакти: Liga Bite: liga.bite@lattelecom.lv