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Rural Youth Europe: Bridging the age gap



Rural Youth Europe: Bridging the age gap

Within the frame of the European Year 2012 Rural Youth Europe organised on April 15-22 in Budapest (Hungary) the seminar entitled "Bridging the age gap: working together to develop rural communities", aiming to promote intergenerational solidarity in rural youth.

The event was held at the European Youth Centre in Budapest and funded by the Council of Europe (CoE). 37 participants from 20 European countries gained practical skills in the management of intergenerational projects as well as the confidence to act as youth actors in their local communities.

Apart from the sharing of best practices from a wide range of organisations working with youth and older generations participants discussed synergies and new ideas for intergenerational cooperation. Guest lecturer Alice Sinigaglia, from AGE Platform Europe, ran a workshop and presented the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.

A concrete outcome of the study session was a set of recommendations for the “Manifesto for an Age-Friendly European Union by 2020“, a document produced by an alliance of NGOs and coordinated by AGE Platform Europe.

Организатор: Rural Youth Europe

Rural Youth Europe (RYEurope) unites NGOs across Europe in order to promote rural development, strengthen rural youth participation and raise awareness on intercultural diversity.

Уебсайт: http://ruralyoutheurope.com/index.php/events/past-events/events-archive/280-2012-spring-seminar-hungary-report.html
За контакти: Amanda Hajnal : seminar@ruralyoutheurope.com