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Senior Expert Volunteer Programme



Senior Expert Volunteer Programme

CESES (Confederation of European Senior Expert Services) is a non-profit organisation that coordinates the activities of 20 associations across Europe. A number of these organisations have started promoting the use of their members' expertise to help the educational and professional formation of juniors entering the labour market.

The objective of the programme is encourage senior experts to share the lessons learned and best practices acquired throughout their careers with their younger peers.

Senior volunteers and young job-seekers will work in partnership on projects of social value.

Организатор: Confederation of European Senior Expert Services (CESES)

CESES is an international not-for-profit association of 22 organisations from the member states of the EU. CESES aims to contribute to raising standards of living in developing economies through voluntary assistance to small and medium-size, financially weak, enterprises and institutions. All CESES operations are strictly non-commercial.

Уебсайт: http://www.ceses.net/
За контакти: Carlotta Figini : ceses@skynet.be