The Film

Trailer of "The Golden Ear", the Story of Sylvia and Alex


This is the story of two neighbours…

Sylvia runs through life, barely seeing what is happening around her. As a scientist for the EU, she studies food safety and policies, but barely experiences the real art or nature of cooking. Every step she takes is well calculated and she considers everything as a scientific experiment, even her grandmother’s bakery that unexpectedly falls under her responsibility. While she has to move from the city to a little village and is getting lost in the right direction, she barely notices the lingering eyes of the handsome country man Alex. Determined to fill the void in his heart, he tries to catch her drifting attention.

Their worlds become entwined through the essence of wheat and bread, more specifically: delicious honey wheat bread. But will they be able to join forces when the village needs their help? And will their love overcome these turbulent times? The answers will unravel in this captivating story that represents the European DNA through struggle, evolution and resilience.

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