School and Youth Projects

School and youth projects

Expo Milano 2015 offers an excellent platform on which to debate and raise awareness among young people about the issues concerning food security.

It is important that young people are engaged in this dialogue and that they are in a position to take up the mantle of tackling issues like food waste, climate change, and inequality. It will give them a sense that they contribute solutions to the world’s problems that affect their lives on a daily basis.

With this in mind, the European Union is inviting young people and pupils from schools across Europe to get involved in Expo Milano 2015. There is unlikely to be any single or easy solution to tackle the many food security challenges that exist. This Expo and the theme of the EU’s participation, “Growing Europe’s Future together” will serve to galvanise action among youngsters and trigger their interest in the work the EU does in relation to food policy.

European Schools

In view of Expo Milano 2015, the European Union has established a unique collaboration with the European Schools network.

The European Schools are official educational establishments, controlled jointly by the governments of the Member States of the European Union. Their mission is to provide a multilingual and multicultural education for nursery, primary and secondary level pupils.

One of the objectives of the European Schools is to provide an “Education for Sustainable Development” which is closely linked to the Expo theme of “Feeding the Planet”.

Specific projects will be developed in collaboration with the EU, and will be displayed on this website and in the social media presence of the EU participation to the Expo. Stay tuned for more updates!  

European Union Contest for Young Scientists

The European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) 2015 edition will take place in Milan from 17-22 September. EUCYS is an initiative by the European Commission which gives students the opportunity to compete with their best peers at a European level. It will be judged by some of the most prominent scientists in Europe. Through this, the Commission seeks to strengthen the efforts made in each participating country to attract young people to careers in science and technology.

The Steering Committee for the EU Scientific Programme for Expo Milano 2015 will present three awards at EUCYS 2015 in Milan for projects reflecting the Expo theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. The projects should be related to the food value chain and focus on sustainability for a better future.

The prize for the winners of the 3 best food-related projects will be a laptop for each contestant awarded by the Chairman of the Steering Committee, Dr Franz Fischler, and an invitation to participate in the Closing Event of the Steering Committee at Expo 2015 (end of October 2015), where the best  project will be presented. The participation in the event will be coupled with a one-day visit to the Joint Research Centre site located in Ispra, Italy.

The national organisers from the EU member states and associated countries are invited to promote project proposals linked to the theme of Expo 2015, in their national competitions, and select the best project. The Steering Committee will reward the selected projects by inviting them to participate as additional projects in EUCYS 2015 (one project per country, up to three contestants per project) and to qualify for the three special prizes. The projects have to be related to one of the following areas: sustainable food production; nutrition; health & food choices; food communication & education.

The winners of the best national projects related to the Expo theme will receive a special certificate signed by the EU Commissioner General for Expo Milano 2015 and Chairman of the Steering Committee.


This world competition for schools has been created by the Politecnico di Milano University under the mandate of Expo Milano 2015.

Students and teachers are called upon to develop a multimedia narrative based on teaching and learning activities linked to Expo Milano 2015. Find more information about the project here.