Scientific Legacy of the Steering Committee

In order to ensure that the European Union took full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Expo to establish its role as a key player in a global scientific debate around "feeding the planet", a Scientific Steering Committee was set up in spring 2014. From the very outset the work of this committee, chaired by the former Commissioner for Agriculture, Franz Fischler, and consisting of 11 scientists as well as experts from civil society, industry and international organisations, aimed not only to give expert advice, but to contribute to the political legacy of the event.

The Committee published two papers to encourage discussion. The first, launched as the Expo opened, outlined the scale of the challenges and the breadth of research needed. The second, launched near the end of the Expo, drew on the results of the discussions held during the Expo and made four recommendations to the EU on how knowledge should be generated and used.

The document "New ways of providing knowledge to tackle food and nutrition security: what should the EU do?" combines, and updates, both papers and thus constitutes the scientific legacy of the EU participation in Expo.


The evaluation of the EU participation in World Expo Milano 2015 was carried out by Coffey International Development on behalf of the European Commission.

Download the Evaluation of the EU Participation in World Expo Milano 2015

Event Legacy

The programme of events has been framed by two key conferences:

On 8 May 2015, at the beginning of the Expo

an Official Launch Event to present the discussion paper and discuss its seven themes with stakeholders from policy, academia and industry.

Event Report

On 15 October 2015, the closing conference

Strengthening Global Food and Nutrition Security through Research and Innovation - lessons learned from Expo 2015 to present answers that have come up during the Expo, and to present a recommendation document that proposes some results and sets the scene for actions to be taken after the Expo

Event Report

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Improve public health through nutrition

Event Report

Increase food safety and quality

Event Report

Reduce losses and waste

Event Report

Manage the land for all ecosystem services

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Increase agricultural outputs sustainably

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Understand food markets in an increasingly globalised food system

Event Report

Increase equity in the food system

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