8 May 2015 - Towards a Research Agenda for Global Food and Nutrition Security

Hotel Barceló, Milan, Italy

Friday 8th May 2015 - 10.30

One of the greatest challenges of our time remains how to feed a growing global population sustainably with limited natural resources. The role science, research and innovation have to play in overcoming these challenges cannot be underestimated. This high level conference will be the official launch of a series of discussions that the EU Scientific Steering Committee for Expo will follow during the course of the six months of the Expo. It will set in motion a process, by the end of which, we will have a set of widely consulted recommendations to provide to decision makers on future priorities for research, development and innovation in the food and agricultural sector. This process should also indicate how the recommendations in the document, "The role of research in global food and nutrition security", can best be implemented both within the EU institutions and beyond after the Expo. The Conference seeks to involve important international actors from politics, the scientific community, industry, and civil society in a dynamic and forthright discussion on the challenges facing global food and nutrition security.

Requests for participation should be submitted via the form here