The European Union Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

Access to food will be available to all only if we collaborate. This is the key message of the European Union Pavilion, located in the heart of Expo Milano 2015, in front of Palazzo Italia and a few steps away from the Tree of Life.

The European Pavilion develops on three levels: the exhibition area is on the ground floor; the first floor houses the offices, a conference hall with 99 seats and a pressroom that welcomes up to 28 people and the second floor consists of a large terrace overlooking "Lake Arena”.

On the ground floor, visitors are introduced to the topics dealt with by the narrative of the pavilion: the food chain, nutrition and environmental sustainability. The symbolic product chosen as a trait d’union among all member Countries is wheat and bread, the staple foods in European culture and in the civilization of the Continent. In this section of the exhibition space, visitors can learn about Alex & Sylvia, the avatars of an animated film that will be accompanying them along the way. The story called "The Golden Ear" answers the question: is it possible to obtain food security through good cooperation not only among countries but also between science and agriculture, and between innovation and tradition? In fact, the protagonists are a researcher and a farmer: two neighbours who are quite different, a metaphor of the European Union's motto: unity in diversity.