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Services we provide

A Europe Direct operator at her desk

Europe Direct offers:


Central information service

You can call us or e-mail us in any official EU language to get:

  • an immediate answer to general questions related to the EU
  • directions to the best sources of information/advice and contact details (at EU, national or local level)
  • information on your rights and opportunities as an EU citizen and how to exercise them (getting a residence permit or your qualifications recognised in another EU country, how to complain about unsafe products, etc.)
  • more specialised information (if necessary)
  • free postal delivery of certain EU publications

If you're having trouble navigating the European Union website, a web chat can help you find:

  • specific EU documents (legislation, publications, press releases etc.)
  • factsheets, reports, statistics, working documents etc. on specific EU policies.
  • Information about European integration, history, symbols, institutions, etc.

What Europe Direct can't offer

  • problem-solving - we can't file or forward complaints for you (though we can tell you who you need to contact for this)
  • comment on specific EU policy issues or positions
  • legal advice (interpreting EU laws)


Local information services

A network of information centres, documentation centres and speakers in every EU country.

Contact your local Europe Direct information centre – in any official EU language for:

  • answers to questions on your EU rights, funding, etc.
  • invitations to local EU information/networking events
  • EU documents and publications
  • references to other information sources
  • contact details for relevant organisations

Contact your nearest European documentation centre for:

  • access to official EU publications and documents (online and print)
  • help finding detailed information on European law, integration, policies and institutions
  • training for students on EU-related fact-finding and research

Find an EU expert speaker (lawyers, consultants, academics) if you're planning an EU-focused event in your area.