Europe Direct: Annual Report 2012 - page 6

What is Europe Direct?
Europe Direct Information Centres (EDICs)
EDICs have the advantage of being able to respond to very specific local issues and needs – an important
factor given the national and regional diversity across all 27 Member States. The growing prevalence of social
media also shows that EDICs are becoming more proactive in their communication and outreach efforts.
In 2012, the 468 EDICs organised some 5000 events and produced around 8300 information products
(audio-visual, print and on-line). In addition, they made 740000 personal contacts, took more than
125000 phone calls and answered in excess of 170000 emails.
This Annual Report summarises the activities and achievements of Europe Direct in 2012. Statistics show
that Europe Direct members have continued to build bridges with citizens and find new and innovative
ways of involving them in the European project.
Phone contacts
Personal contacts
Europe Direct Information Centres' contacts with the public in 2012
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