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Europe Direct is now an established operation. It is made up of
the Europe Direct Contact Centre (EDCC) and three decentralised
networks which operate locally: Europe Direct Information Centres
(EDICs), European Documentation Centres (EDC), and Team
Europe speakers on EU affairs. Thanks to these three decentral-
ised networks, the European project has been brought closer to
EU citizens.
Last year was the final year for the second generation of EDICs.
As of 2013, a new generation has been selected, based on a call
for proposals. Some members of the last EDIC generation (2009-
2012) have chosen to stay on, while others have moved onto new
challenges. In acknowledging everything that has been achieved,
the Commission would like to extend its gratitude to every single
member, past and present, for their dedication, enthusiasm and
A great deal has been accomplished. Between 2009 and 2012,
around 3 290 000 personal contacts were made with European
citizens. Furthermore, around 654 000 phone calls were received
along with over 1 million emails, while some 45 500 publica-
tions were also produced over the four-year period. These figures
underline the amount of work that has been put in by the network.
For example, through the
in 2009, the
in 2010, the
in 2011 and the
in 2012, EDICs
have been instrumental in promoting Commission priorities and
encouraging citizens to get involved.
a project in 2010 targeting youth, in collaboration with an organi-
sation supporting handicapped children, which aimed to promote
a debate on the social inclusion of young disabled people. In 2011,
brought together regional and local NGOs
to create a framework for volunteering in the region, Latvia and
across Europe.
Another new feature is that many EDICs are now using social
media more effectively, helping EDICs to reach different and
wider audiences. Some Europe Direct offices, such as
, h
ave been true pioneers in this respect, with
Twitter and Facebook accounts and a dedicated YouTube channel.
EDICs have not been the only ones busy during the past four
years. The organising team at the European Commission’s DG
Communication HQ has helped and supported the network by
arranging 16 training sessions, three annual general meetings
and five Pan-European Working Group meetings. They have also
helped to promote Europe Direct by launching a pan-European
web-based promotional campaign together with Your Europe,
producing two promotional videos and participating in yearly
events like Europe Day and EuropComm. They have also managed
the Europe Direct intranet, produced fact sheets, newsletters and
the annual activity reports.
Introduction to Europe Direct
The 2009-2012 generation of EDICs
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