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Telephone – details of service

How do I call Europe Direct?

  • For free*? Call 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11 from anywhere in the EU.
    * some operators (and phone boxes and hotels) do not allow access to 00 800 numbers or may charge for these calls.
  • At normal rates? Call +32-2-299 96 96 from anywhere in the world. Your call will be answered by an English-speaking operator, but you may ask to be put through to an operator speaking one of the other official EU languages.


Do you want us to call you back?

  • Callback service by sms - Send us a text message (sms)* to +32-472-6 7 8 9 10 with the words "Call me", and we'll call you back as soon as possible. If your number is hidden (so we don't see it when we receive the text), please make sure you include it in your text: country code + number.
    * Your operator's normal texting rates apply. If you receive a callback while abroad, roaming charges may apply.
  • Scheduled callback - Fill out the form below and let us call you at your convenience.


What time of day can I call?

Weekdays 9.00 - 18.00 CET.

Outside these hours you can leave a voice-mail message.


Is it a free service?

Yes – the information given is free, as are most calls (though some operators, phone boxes or hotels may charge you).


Can I call in my own language?

Yes – if it's an official EU language.

Your call will be answered in the language of the EU country you're calling from. If this is not your language, you can ask to be transferred to a speaker of your own language.

If none of the operators who speak your language are available, you can either choose another language or ask to be called back later.


How quickly can I expect an answer?

90% of enquiries are solved in a single phone call.

However, more complex questions might take time to research. In such cases, you might be asked to send your question by e-mail or wait for us to call you back.

You'll be told who's dealing with your question and how soon you can expect an answer.



The Europe Direct Contact Centre seeks to provide you with the information you request, or direct you to an appropriate source. However, the information it provides may not be considered legally binding.