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Developing Strategic Thinking in the European Union - Global Trends 2030 Brussels, 18-19 February 2013

‘ESPAS sends a strong political signal that we as a European Union are willing to look beyond institutional borders, to go beyond internal and external borders even, to tackle future evolutions and new challenges together.’

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'Developing Strategic Thinking in the European Union - Global Trends 2030' is the focus of a conference organised by the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) taking place in Brussels on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 February 2013.

The ESPAS initiative brings together officials from the European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the European Union and the European External Action Service. Together, they are seeking to strengthen the Union's collective administrative capacity to identify and analyse key trends and challenges, as well as the resulting policy choices, which are likely to confront Europe and the wider world in the decades ahead.

Within ESPAS, three inter-institutional working groups are currently preparing trend reports on the challenges and choices facing the Union between now and 2030, focused on the fields of economics, society, and international governance and power. These trend reports will feed into a final report in the course of 2014.

The ESPAS conference should help advance this work whilst promoting a stronger global community of those working on long-term trends.