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Successful candidates


Candidates who are successful in a selection procedure are placed on a ‘reserve list’, from which all EU institutions can recruit directly themselves. The 'reserve list' is a database of all the successful candidates in a particular selection procedure, which is normally valid for one year (or three years for specialists). The validity of reserve lists may be prolonged according to the needs of the institutions. Being on a reserve list, however, does not guarantee recruitment.

As job opportunities arise, the institutions check the profiles of the successful candidates in order to identify those who best match their needs (for example, in terms of education, professional experience and language skills). The institutions may also choose to publish available vacancies to successful candidates of relevant selection procedures.

The institutions are assigned a quota of candidates that they can recruit from the list based on their needs - which is normally lifted three or six months (in the case of some specialists) after the publication of the reserve list, and institutions can then recruit freely. Quotas may be extended up to six months for generalist profiles and up to one year for specialists.

The institutions may contact successful candidates for interview and, depending on the outcome, make a formal job offer. For practical reasons, candidates may also undergo a medical examination before any decision is taken on appointment.

Here you can find links to the relevant recruitment pages of all EU institutions and agencies.



A system of coloured 'flags' reflects the availability of every candidate on a reserve list, which is visible to the institutions as well as the candidate concerned. The process of flagging first and foremost reflects the recruitment needs of the Institutions.


For ALL competitions the following three main flags are used:

Green Flag Successful candidate available for consideration by any institution with a 'quota' in the list.

Red flag Successful candidate unavailable for recruitment (already recruited or in process of being recruited).

Grey flag Successful candidate temporarily unavailable for reason(s) and date(s) provided.


For reserve lists for lawyer-linguists for the Council and the Parliament the following ADDITIONAL four flags are also used:

Blue Flag The successful candidate already works for an institution and is available for consideration only by this institution.

Yellow flag The successful candidate has attracted the interest of an institution and is available for consideration only by this institution.

Orange flag The institution that yellow-flagged the successful candidate has requested an extension in order to complete the final recruitment procedure.

Black flag The successful candidate is no longer available for recruitment due to special circumstances.