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The on-line application for the call for expression of interest (CAST 27) is closed.

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO), on behalf of the European Institutions, is launching this Call for expression of interest to constitute a database of candidates to be recruited as contract agents carrying out various tasks within the European Institutions and Agencies.

INFORMACIÓN IMPORTANTE: Una versión no interactiva en español de este texto oficial se encuentra disponible aquípdf


1. General terms

The Institutions of the European Union, as well as Regulatory Agencies and Executive Agencies to which the Staff Regulations apply under the Community acts establishing them, pursuant to art. 1a §2 of the Staff Regulations, are seeking to set up a database of suitable candidates with a view to recruit contract agents to fill posts that may become available over the period from September 2007 onwards.

1.1. The majority of the job possibilities that may arise will entail employment in either Brussels or Luxembourg, where Institutions and Executive Agencies are based. However, a limited number of positions may become available elsewhere:

  • in other European capitals (Representations of the Commission to the Member States);
  • in Ispra, Geel, Karlsruhe, Petten, Sevilla (mainly technical or scientific positions in the Commission Joint Research Centres), in Grange (DG SANCO);
  • in the Member States (Regulatory Agencies – for a complete list click here )
  • moreover, the Commission seeks to fill advisory, technical and administrative positions in its Delegations to third countries and to International Organisations. (For a complete list of Delegations click  herepdf ).Such posts will be labelled RELEX henceforth (short for RELEX Delegations/External service).

IMPORTANT: Candidates are asked to note that they may apply for only one of the function groups and within it for only one of the profiles/positions listed below and that multiple applications shall not be considered. Whenever available and/or relevant, information about where specific posts may become available, as well as how many, will be provided. For those profiles where posting may take place in more than one location, candidates may express geographical preferences at a later stage: these preferences, however, shall be given only as an indication for the recruiters and will not be binding on the Institutions.

1.2 As a general rule, candidates who are successful at the end of the procedures described in this Call may be offered posts as Contract Agents. The Contract agents working relationship with the Institutions is regulated by the (go to Page 128) Conditions of employment of other servants of the European Communities (CEOS)pdf. Different types of contracts can be offered to contract agents based on the CEOS.


To consult the salaries chart for these posts click herepdf .


Supplementary salary information on posts in the RELEX Delegations/External Service can be found herepdf .


Contract Agents are classified into four different function groups (Function group I, II, III and IV) corresponding to the duties and responsibilities to be performed and the level of education and professional experience required. Each group is subdivided into grades and steps as set out on page 148, Art 152 and Art.93 in the CEOSpdf .


Types of duties within corresponding function groups are: manual and administrative support service tasks within function group I, clerical, secretarial and technical tasks, office management and other equivalent tasks within function group II, executive tasks, drafting, accountancy and other equivalent technical tasks within function group III and administrative, advisory, linguistic and equivalent technical tasks within function group IV. Contract Agents perform their duties under the supervision of officials or temporary staff.

 2. Profiles sought

The purpose of this Call of expression of interest is to recruit staff with the following general competences:

For function group Ipdf : mail staff, drivers, administrative support, skilled workers.

For function group IIpdf: crèche (mainly nursery staff), office managers/ clerks, secretaries, technical staff.

For function group IIIpdf: financial management, information and computer technology (ICT)/ technical, executive tasks.

For function group IVpdf: administrative, communication and advisory tasks, researchers, engineers, linguists.

Function Group I

Function Group II

Catering Staff

Administrative Clerk/Messenger


Manual Worker

Print Operator

Conference Operator

Mover of furnitures and documents

Building Management Assistant

Communications Assistant

Catering Supervisor

Human Resources/Clerical Assistant

ICT (information and Communications Technology) Assistant

Financial Assistant

Laboratory Assistant/Technician


Conference Technical Assistant

Security Assistant

Fire Prevention Assistant

Nursing/Childcare Assistant – Nursery:

Nurse/Childcare Worker

Nursing/Childcare Assistant - Nursery Educator

Nursing/Childcare Assistant - Kindergarten Teacher


Function Group III

Administrative Officer

Assistant Auditor/Inspector

Building Projects Officer

Graphic designer


Finance/Accounts Officer

Project Officer

Human Resources Officer

ICT (information and Communications Technology) Officer

Laboratory Technician


Communications Officer

Statistical Officer


Development/Cooperation Officer

Assistant  - information Specialist (Library/Documentation)

Security Officer

Fire Prevention Officer

Medical Nurse

RELEX - External Service/Delegations profiles:

Officer - Operational Section

Finances/Contracts/Audit Officer

Regional Security Officer

Administrative Officer

ICT (information and Communications Technology) Officer


Function Group IV

Economics/Finance/Contracts Adviser

Public Administration/Human Resources Adviser

Press/Communications/Policy Adviser

Social Sciences Adviser

Psychopedagogy Adviser

Statistical Adviser


Graduate Engineer


Fisheries Adviser

Health Adviser

Scientific Adviser

Adviser in Authorisation of Medicinal Products

Adviser in Veterinary Medicines and Inspections


Project Adviser

Development/Cooperation Adviser with subprofiles:

Development/cooperation Adviser - Infrastructures

Development/cooperation Adviser - Rural Development, Food Security and Environment

Development/cooperation Adviser - Economic, Private Sector and Trade Develoment

Development/cooperation Adviser - Social and Cultural Issues

Development/cooperation Adviser - Good Governance and Security

Development/cooperation Adviser - Geographical coordination and programme management

ICT (information and Communications Technology) Adviser

Energy Adviser

Transport Adviser

Public Relations Adviser

Audio Visual Project Manager

Medical Doctor

Information Specialist (Library/Documentation)

RELEX - External Service/Delegations profiles:

Operations Adviser - Infrastructures

Operations Adviser - Rural Development, Food Security and Environment

Operations Adviser - Economic, Private Sector and Trade Develoment

Operations Adviser - Social and Cultural Issues

Operations Adviser - Good Governance and Security

Operations Adviser - Pre-Accession

Finances/Contracts/Audit Adviser

Economics/Commercial Adviser

Political Matters Adviser

Press/ - information Adviser

Regional Security Adviser

The profiles mentioned in this Call are simplified versions of the generic profiles that will be used when establishing contracts. These simplified versions are mentioned for information purposes and have no legal value.

3. Eligibility criteria and general conditions

To apply for a Contract Agent position candidates must meet on the closing date for application (27/04/2007) the following eligibility criteria within each function group as well as the general conditions.

a) Minimal educational requirements:

 For function group I :

•         successful completion of compulsory education.

 For function group II :

•         a post secondary education attested by a diploma, or 

•         a secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to post-secondary education and appropriate professional experience of at least three years. The secondary education diploma giving access to post-secondary education may be replaced by a certificate of adequate professional training of not less than three years on condition that there was no similar professional training giving access to higher education at the time it was issued, or

•         successful completion of intermediate education plus two years’ relevant supplementary specialised training plus five years’ appropriate professional experience

 For function group III :

•         a post secondary education attested by a diploma, or 

•         a secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to post-secondary education and appropriate professional experience of at least three years.

 For function group IV :

•         a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies of at least three years’ duration attested by a diploma, followed by at least one year of professional experience at graduate level.


b) General conditions

The European Institutions apply an equal opportunities policy and accept applications without distinction on grounds of sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Contract Agents in the Commission Delegations might be subject to the mobility policy of the European Commission applicable to persons having stayed for several years in their post and linked to a general policy of career development for Contract Agents in Delegations.

Contract staff may be engaged only when fulfilling the following conditions:

•         candidates must be a citizen of one of the member states of the European Union;

•         candidates must enjoy full rights as a citizen;

•         candidates must have a thorough knowledge of one of the official languages of the European Union (Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish or Swedish) - main language (by default, the main language shall be considered that of the candidate's nationality or that of the compulsory education) and a satisfactory knowledge of English, French or German – second language (which must be different from the main language) in which they will sit the aptitude tests; additionally, and as an exception to this general rule, candidates for RELEX positions in FG III and IV only may sit the test in Spanish if this is their second language (and will hence be considered for positions in Spanish speaking countries); in this case however, they must also have an adequate knowledge of English or French.

•         candidates must have fulfilled any obligations imposed on them by the laws of their home country concerning military service;

•         candidates must meet the character requirements for the duties involved;

•         candidates must be physically fit to perform their duties.

•         Concerning RELEX Delegations/External Service:

o    candidates must be willing to accept a posting in a Delegation in a country classified as difficult “group 2” or very difficult “group 3” on the attached list  lien vers pdf cast27_liste_pays_relex_en.pdf. Candidates who are successful in the tests will be required to select a number of countries/places (minimum of four, maximum of eight) where they would be willing to work. Each candidate will be obliged to select at least two places belonging to group 2 (difficult countries) and two places belonging to group 3 (very difficult countries). Please take note that there will be no link between your possible future choice of countries and a possible future rotation exercise;

o    in selecting the countries/places, candidates will need to fulfill the following conditions of recruitment: non-nationality of the possible future country of employment (including second nationalities) and non-permanent residency in that country. This requirement is necessary for the selected candidate to be able to obtain protection by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. This condition does not apply to candidates residing in a country/place of choice and having obtained protection by this Convention prior to taking up their residence there;

o    candidates should be ready to assume varied tasks according to the Delegation’s needs;

o    in accordance with a general policy of the European Commission for its staff in Delegations, any selected candidate will have to agree to a security clearance procedure carried out by the security authority of the country of the candidate’s nationality; a negative result might result in the termination or non-extension of the contract.




Please refer to the  "Guide for Applicants" which contain detailed instructions on how to submit your application correctly.

Applications not fulfilling the criteria set out in this Call of expression of interest will not be considered..

It is your responsibility to complete your online registration in time (no later than 27/04/2007 at 12.00 noon Brussels time). You are strongly advised not to wait until the last few days before the deadline, since heavy Internet traffic or a fault with your Internet connection could lead to the online registration being terminated before you have completed it, thereby obliging you to repeat the whole process. You will not be able to register your application once the deadline for registration has passed.

Once you have created your EPSO PROFILE you will receive an e-mail from EPSO summarising your login details and providing additional information about the registration procedure.

When submitting your application, after you have selected your function group and identified your area of interest, you will see on the top of your application your application number (e.g. 1234567), which you should note down. This is your reference number to be used when communicating with EPSO.

If you have a disability that prevents you from registering online, you may request — in writing only to:

EPSO Info-Recruitment
C-80 0/48
B-1049 Brussels

a paper version of the application form, which you should fill in, sign and return by registered mail, postmarked no later than the closing date for registration. All subsequent communication between yourself and EPSO will be by post. You must enclose with your registration form a certificate attesting your disability, issued by a recognised body. You should also set out on a separate sheet of paper any special arrangements you think are needed to make it easier for you to take part in further stages of the selection process. Any such requests must be sent to EPSO by registered mail, postmarked no later than the closing date for on-line applications.





After assigning an application number to each successfully submitted application, all applications will be processed. The selection procedure consists of:

  • validation
  • tests, communication to candidates, submitting a full CV
  • selection for potential recruitment


EPSO will prepare a validated database of applicants who, according to their declarations, fit the competence profiles and qualifications as set out in the Call for expression of interest. At this stage EPSO will exclude from further procedures any applicant having submitted multiple applications or having filled in the application form wrongly or incompletely.

Tests, communication to candidates, submitting a full CV

a. Tests

Candidates who meet the conditions set out in the Call for expression of interest will be invited to sit tests in the late spring/early summer 2007 to assess their general aptitudes and in particular their Verbal and Numerical reasoning capacity as well as their knowledge of European affairs. Candidates will prove their linguistic ability as they will sit the tests in their second language (English, French or German)

  • All candidates (with the exception of those for profiles marked as RELEX), will be required to pass computer based tests (CBT) which are planned from the end of June throughout July 2007;
  • these CBT tests will consist of Verbal and Numerical reasoning questions and EU knowledge questions;
  • candidates in a limited number of profiles, e.g. Secretary, ICT, HR, Finance, etc…, may be asked to sit their third test, to ascertain their specific competences, at the same time and with a similar format;
  • candidates in the other profiles, who have succeeded in the Verbal and Numerical reasoning tests, will be invited to sit the specific competence test at a later stage, probably in autumn 2007;
  • as a general rule, the competence tests will be written ones; in some particular – and limited – cases the competence tests could be in the format of an oral assessment.
  • All candidates for RELEX profiles will sit all their tests (Verbal and Numerical reasoning, EU knowledge and specific competence) in a classic "pen & paper" format in mid July.


The tests will be held in the 27 Member States of the European Union. Candidates will be informed of the procedure for attending these tests, as well as of the format and the marking of the tests, via their EPSO PROFILE.

Candidates will be asked to sit the tests in their second language (to be chosen between English, French or German). If their main language is one of these three, candidates must choose between the other two, e.g. someone whose main language is French can sit the test only in English or German.

As the sole exception to this general rule, candidates for RELEX positions only may sit the test in Spanish if this is their second language.

Candidates who are successful in all the tests will be listed in a database which will be put at the disposal of Institutions and Agencies for their recruitment needs. The database will have a validity of three years.

b. Communication to applicants

The following communications will be made to the candidates via their EPSO PROFILE.

  • CBT tests (for all profiles with the exception of those marked as RELEX):
    • At the end of May 2007, candidates will be requested to confirm their participation in the tests. During a 3-week booking period, they will have to choose an examination centre, date and time for their tests
    • The results of the tests will be communicated during the month of September 2007
    • Further information concerning the competence test will be communicated in October 2007
  • Pen & paper tests (for RELEX profiles only):
    • During the month of May 2007, candidates will be requested to confirm their participation in the tests and to confirm/change their choice of examination city.
    • Around mid June 2007, the candidates will receive their convening letter for the tests, which will be held in mid July 2007
    • The final results of these tests will be communicated to all "RELEX-candidates" during the month of September 2007

c. Submitting a full CV

Following publication of the test results, all successful candidates will be requested to submit a full CV via their EPSO PROFILE, which will complete their application.

Candidates should note that all personal and specific information will be provided to them via their EPSO PROFILE. However, information of a general nature will be found in the EPSO website either under Latest News (regularly updated) or under the Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ's section of the "Staff engaged under contracts" pages.

Selection for potential recruitment

Candidates having passed the tests will have their names placed in the final database. Access to this database will be given to the European Institutions and Agencies who will select and invite for an interview candidates who best fit their requirements

Please note that the European Parliament may require of successful candidates to submit an additional application file in order to be considered by a Joint Committee before they can be offered a contract. Successful candidates interested in positions within the European Parliament will have to contact that Institution at the appropriate time to fill the necessary forms.

Please note that candidates interviewed will be asked to provide all relevant supporting documents (diplomas, certificates and other supporting documents proving their working experience and corresponding to the information entered on the application form /CV).

If, at any stage in the procedure it is established that the information in your electronic registration form is incorrect, or that you do not meet all the conditions for admission to the selection procedure, you will be disqualified.

The final database of candidates shall have a validity of three years starting from the notification of the final results.



In the interest of clear communication, this Call for expression of interest is published solely in English, French and German (a non-interactive  Spanish versionpdf   is also available) and you are requested to fill in the application form in one of these three languages. The language chosen will also be used for all correspondence between the European Institutions and candidates. It is vital for the candidate to have a valid e-mail address throughout the whole selection process.

This Call for expression of interest is designed to identify highly qualified staff for specific posts within specific Function groups and you are requested to apply for only one of the Function groups and within it only for one profile. Multiple applications will not be taken into consideration.


The on-line application for the call for expression of interest (CAST 27) is closed.