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Why EU Careers?

Build your career across a continent

Looking for a challenging career in a dynamic environment?
We are always looking for people who are ready to face challenges and make a difference for Europe.

The European Union Institutions offer an international career to ambitious and capable people. When you join us, you take the first step in a long-term career that could take you anywhere you want to go. Based in the heart of Europe, you will enjoy a fast-moving international environment and real responsibility from your first day. We’re here to serve 500 million people in 28 member states, so you can expect exceptional scope and scale – and the chance to make a real and lasting difference.

If you are a final year student or Graduate, you can apply for entry-level positions in various fields, which are the starting point to an exciting and truly European career. We also regularly recruit Graduates with work experience, administrative personnel and experienced professionals in a wide range of fields as well as translators and interpreters.

Working for the EU Institutions, you will apply your strong analytical, organisational and communication skills in a variety of environments. You get things done, are driven to deliver the best possible results and are confident working effectively as part of a multi-cultural team. You are eager to learn and develop knowledge, skills and languages. For our graduate positions, you also exhibit leadership skills and can motivate people to achieve results.


Face the challenges of the future

Are you ready to make a difference for 500 million people?
Working for the EU Institutions means working for a better future.

In half a century, the EU has achieved peace and stability for its 28 member states and changed the way we live, work and travel. With its institutions and agencies, the EU has evolved into an organisation spanning many areas, from development aid to environmental policy.

Especially in the challenging times that Europe and the world are currently experiencing, we need the brightest and best to battle the challenges and strengthen the European Union, making it a worthwhile place to live for its 500 million members. You can help us achieve this goal and make a difference for Europe.

Depending on your skills, experience and your job description, you may work on drafting policies and implementing EU law, managing projects, developing communication strategies, providing legal advice and many other tasks in different fields of responsibility.

Working for the EU means working for one of the EU Institutions such as the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and so on.

You can find a list of all EU Institutions and their activities on

Most of the EU Institutions are located in Brussels or Luxembourg, where you would live and work in an international environment.


Start your career of a lifetime

A job is not enough?
Working for the EU Institutions offers you a career full of opportunities.

The EU Institutions are committed to supporting and encouraging your development by providing flexible and realistic career options, honest feedback and opportunities for exploring different options.

We also encourage you to plan your career pro-actively as only you can define your interests and values and take the decisions regarding your future career path. We help you in developing your career plan, helping you identify your strengths and areas for development and putting in place a programme that will work to your strengths and build other skills.


Keep on learning

Keen to improve?
Continue developing through out
your European career.

When working for the EU Institutions you will constantly develop your skills to meet the requirements of your challenging career.
You will hear many languages in your day-to-day life, so learning languages will be an important part of your career development. Before you get your
first promotion you have to prove your language skills in a third European language.

We offer language courses in the 24 official languages to make communicating with your team members easier. You can choose between 6 different levels (from beginner to advanced), intensive, twice-weekly or e-learning courses.
Apart from the language courses, we offer a wide range of training courses to develop your personal skills or keep in touch with the latest developments in your field. The training will be attuned to your career plan and requirements of your team.


Feel the pulse of Europe

Surrounded by 24 languages and 28 nationalities?
That’s working and living in the heart of Europe.

When you join our team, you will be working with people from all over Europe. Not only will your daily work life be international, chances are that you will be relocating to the multi-cultural and diverse cities of Brussels or Luxembourg.

The presence of the EU Institutions and other international organisations and companies in these cities means that people from all over the continent come here to live and work, and you can expect to hear many languages spoken in the streets. Both cities have upmarket shopping areas and plenty of nightlife, with a wide choice of restaurants, clubs and bars, cultural venues and sports clubs. They are quite compact, so it’s only a short journey from the city centre to the countryside.

Located in the heart of Europe, several other European capitals are only a couple of hours away (Amsterdam, Paris, London). If you have or are planning a family at some point, Brussels and Luxembourg offer excellent national, European and international schools and we are happy put you in touch with crèches, playgroups and other facilities.

The European Commission, although based in Brussels and Luxembourg, also has offices (representations) in every EU country and delegations in capital cities around the world. The EU also has several agencies and decentralised bodies based in different countries.

To find out more about these offices, please visit


A flexible and modern employer

Our offer to you?
Support and development throughout your career

As well as providing support and assistance to new staff for relocation, the EU Institutions also offer a comprehensive remuneration package, including pension, healthcare and a competitive starting salary. Depending on your personal situation, you might be entitled to allowances such as an expatriation, dependent child or transport allowance.

You can find more information about the employment conditions of all EU officials in the Staff Regulations, as well as the latest information on salaries for officials and contract staff.

We encourage mobility and continued professional development, including through language and other training programmes. Staff advance in seniority steps through their grade, with high-performing staff being promoted more quickly. We also support flexible working, equal opportunities and a family-friendly approach.