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Communication profiles

Communication profile


To find out more watch the video from some of the officials who work with us in this area: Damijan (European Court of Auditors), Aurelie (Council of the European Union) and Matteo (European Commission, DG HR).


Communication officer (AD)

Communication officers in the EU institutions may work in areas such as:

  • external communication with different types of multipliers and the public at large, including the media and visitors' groups
  • written and oral information to media representatives
  • web communication
  • strategic and crisis communication.

The work may include:

  • drafting press releases, reports and texts for different kinds of media (in the language you are recruited in, and/or in French or English)
  • establishing and maintaining relations with the media
  • communicating information on topical EU issues
  • monitoring and analysing media impact
  •  managing and maintaining the EU's presence on all online platforms, including the preparation and publication of original content.


Qualifications (indicative)

You must have:

  • a good command of at least 2 European languages (one of which must be English, French or German)
  • a degree in a relevant discipline (check for specific requirements on the competition notice), (or be graduating this year) for entry at Grade AD 5
  • several years’ relevant experience, to join us at a more senior level (Grade AD 7).


Communication assistant (AST)

Communication assistants work in one or more sectors related to internal and external communication and information. The work may include:

  • handling contacts with the press, the media and the public
  • drafting, revising and preparing various documents for publication
  • organising different types of events
  • preparing information documents, publications, brochures, audiovisual products
  • managing communication activities through websites, social media, etc.
  • participating in the analysis and media impact of communication activities
  • liaising and coordinating with stakeholders (Publications Office, subcontractors, etc.)


Qualifications (indicative)

You must have:

  • a good command of at least 2 European languages (one of which must be English, French or German)
  • either
    - post-secondary education in communication, media studies, journalism or public relations and at least 3 years' appropriate professional experience, or
    - secondary education and at least 6 years' professional experience