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To work with us, you need to have a good command of at least two European languages (your main language plus English, French or German).

Language 1
must be one of the 24 official EU languages

Your main language. It can be your mother tongue or another language of which you have at least a thorough knowledge (level C1) as defined in the European language levels - Self assessment grid.

For some competitions/selections, you will need to have a perfect command (level C2) of this language.

Language 2
must be different from language 1

In most cases, you will have to choose either English, French or German as language 2.

You need at least a satisfactory knowledge (level B2) of your chosen language.

For some competitions/selections for linguists, you will need to have a thorough knowledge (level C1) of it.

Further languages

For some competitions, selections or calls for expression of interest, notably linguist competitions, other language skills may be requested.

Please refer to the Notice of competition or Call for expression of interest.

European language levels - Self assessment grid