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Who is involved in recruiting staff?


The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO)

EPSO organises open competitions and selection procedures including: publication and advertising of the Notice of Competition, organisation of various tests, provision of administrative, logistic and data-processing support to the Selection Boards, and the management of the reserve lists. EPSO also ensures that the Selection Boards strictly adhere to the procedures.


The Selection Board

Each selection process has its own Selection Board, which is responsible for selecting candidates at each stage and for drawing up the final list of successful candidates. Each Selection Board is made up of officials from the EU Institutions, and consists of permanent members (appointed usually for 2 to 4 years to ensure consistency across selection procedures) and non-permanent members (appointed for a particular selection process to bring technical expertise).


The European Institutions

The HR services of the Institutions are responsible for the recruitment of successful candidates, i.e. filling specific job vacancies by hiring new employees from the lists of candidates maintained by EPSO. The Institutions interview potential employees before offering them a position.