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About the Recommendation for Investing in Children

In this section you can find Evidence-Based Practices and practices from the User Registry categorised by three pillars and policy categories within them: ‘Access to adequate resources’’; ‘Access to affordable quality services; and ‘Children’s right to participate’.

These three pillars and the policy categories within them are derived from the European Commission’s Recommendation “Investing in children: Breaking the cycle of disadvantagepdf Choose translations of the previous link ”.

In late February 2013 the European Commission (EC) adopted the Recommendation as part of the Social Investment Package which proposes a long-term social strategy to help overcome the current crisis and to strengthen the capacity of individuals. The Recommendation provides guidance for European Union (EU) Member States on how to tackle child poverty and social exclusion through measures such as family support and benefits, quality childcare and early-childhood education.

The Recommendation uses the pillar structure to organise the policy areas addressing child poverty and social exclusion and promoting children's well-being. The practices on EPIC are also categorised by these pillars.

Access to adequate resourcesAccess to quality affordabke servicesChildren's right to participate