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Policy category

Supporting Parenting and Assisting with Childcare

Countries that have implemented practice


Age Groups

Young Children (age 0 to 5)

Target Groups


Years in Operation

2009  - still operating

Type of Organization Implementing Practice

Other Government

Practice Overview

The website is addressed to parents with small children.It provides information in particular on: contact details, characteristics and costs of collective and individual childcare arrangements which are situated close to the parents’ home, and on available allowances. In some regions, it is recently possible to submit a request concerning childcare arrangement online.

Mobilizing stakeholders in the childcare and youth sector (Cnaf and the network of Family Allowance Offices (CAF), local authorities, associations, companies, professionals, etc.) around an innovative project is the key success factor.
The organisation of the Family branch structured in a network of family allowance offices (National Family Allowance Office and a network of Family Allowance Offices) makes it possible to implement a national project supported by the local actors such as the CAF in terms of database supply, partner adherence, promotion of the site at the local level...hence, there is a need for local intermediaries to support the development of a national initiative.The creation of a website containing information on a national level makes it possible to realize economies of scale by avoiding separate and non-harmonised action of territorial authorities in this regard.The deployment of the website in various steps has made it possible to enrich the supply of available services resulting in relatively extensive panoply of services offered for families: general information as well as information on availability, cost, and request submission. The territorial organisation of the information in an optimal manner can be a solid basis for early childhood-related public service: the website forms a part of this, by promoting access to information to all families.It means better structuration of service offer as sought by the Cnaf in the field of family policies.

Evaluation Details

There is a statistical tool to identify the most often consulted headings of the website which are (in descending order): 
  • map search (geolocation)
  • calculation of the price of the childcare arrangement
  • search list
  • information corresponding to different childcare arrangements
In 2012, the website received more than 2,2 million unique visitors, which corresponds to an increase of 17% compared to 2011 

Cost information

The website was developed in three main steps. The overall cost of the project is estimated at 1 520 000 €. (Partial evaluation of the costs of the stage 3). This amount includes the following development costs: informatics, project management, graphic charter, promotional budget, evaluation etc.)

Scale of Implementation

In France roughly 8000 000 babies are born every year. The target audience of the website consists of parents confronted with the birth of their first child.

Evaluation References

The setting up of user groups makes it possible to have information on the perception of the website. Three estimations have taken place at different key stages of the website:

  • shortly after its launch (in December 2009)
  • after making the version 2.0 available on-line (in the last quarter of 2010)
  • at the end of the commissioning phase of the version 2 (in the second quarter of 2012)

A new assessment will be made at the beginning of 2014 in order to measure the changes in the perception of the website by the families and partners.

(see in annex: the summary of the evaluation for 2012 as well as website statistics)

Contact Information




Sub-director international relations department


Family allowances Fund of the French social security


32 avenue de la Sibelle – 75014 – Paris - France


+33 1 45 65 67 81