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European Early Promotion Project

Policy category

Supporting Parenting and Assisting with Childcare

Recommendation Pillars

Enhance family support and the quality of alternative care settings, Improve education systems’ impact on equal opportunities

Countries that have implemented practice

Finland, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Greece

Age Groups

Young Children (age 0 to 5)

Years in Operation

1999  - 2014

Type of Organization Implementing Practice

National Government

Practice Overview

The European Early Promotion Project (EEPP) was an experimental service to promote children’s mental health and prevent the onset of psychosocial problems in children aged 0-2.  The intervention was integrated into the primary health care systems at particular sites within the capital cities of Cyprus (Nicosia), Finland (Tampere), Greece (Athens), Serbia (Belgrade), and the UK (London).  The EEPP consists in a cross-cultural method of engaging primary health care professionals (PHCPs) in Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Serbia, and the UK to work with families to promote the psychosocial well-being and development of infants at risk of mental health problems by helping parents adapt and interact to their new parenting situation.  The EEPP approach to preventing the onset of child mental health difficulties was as much psychosocial as physical.  In addition, it relied on the premise that a positive parent-helper relationship is instrumental to effective family support.  The programme trained primary health care workers to conduct promotional interviews with prospective mothers 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after birth, to identify those in need of parenting skills support, and to provide counsel and guidance to families ‘in-need’ for as long as necessary over a 24 month period.

Evaluation References

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Contact Information


 Prof. John Tsiantis


 Scientific Director 


 Association of the Psychosocial Health of Children and Adolescents (A.P.H.C.A.)


 19, Aghiou Ioannou Theologou str., Holargos, Athens, Greece


  +30 210 6522396