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Coface Iberica

Policy category

Fostering Family-Friendly Workplaces

Recommendation Pillars

Support parents’ participation in the labour market

Countries that have implemented practice


Age Groups

Adults (age 20+)

Target Groups

Mothers, Parents, Fathers

Type of Organization Implementing Practice

Other Private Organization

Practice Overview

Coface Ibérica, the Spanish division of the French insurance company Coface, has a system of flexible working hours. Employees can choose the time that they start and finish work as long as their monthly target of working hours is met. They can start work any time between 8am and 9.30am, take a lunch break of at least 30 minutes and two hours at most and can leave work at 4.30pm at the earliest. Staff at Coface Ibérica do not work on Friday afternoons. They may be able to leave at 4.30 pm every day of the week and can do so when they need to by managing their time. If necessary, they can work longer hours on another day of work to compensate for the fact that they have worked less hours on certain days The weekly working time is 40 hours, reduced to 35 hours between 15 June and 15 September. The employees can also reduce their monthly working time by up to ten hours provided that they make up that shortfall the following month. The company does not keep data on how and how many employees take advantage of the flexible working hours. However, it maintains that the fact that employees can work fewer hours in a given month helps families in extraordinary situations. One example of this is an employee who had to take their child for treatment because the child was suffering from attention problems at school.

Contact Information


Carolina Carretero


Director of Human Resources


Coface Iberica


+34 91 702 75 19