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European Union websites teach children about the EU and children’s rights


In January 2012, the European Commission launched the Kids’ corner , a special website dedicated to children and young people. The website includes information about children's rights as well as games, quizzes and information about the EU and its Member States. It was first announced in the EU's Agenda for the Rights of the Child to support action to ensure better and more effective information of children about their rights and about relevant EU policies while performing a consolidation and modernisation of existing information tools.

European website on children’s rights

Games and learning for children

The Kids' Corner is written in an easily accessible style children can understand. It is conceived as a Single Entry Point for children to the EU portal and groups together activities aimed at children from different EU institutions (for instance the European Commission and the European Central Bank.)  Kids' Corner is made up of three elements. Firstly, there is a 'games and quizzes' section grouping educational games created both by DG COMM and other DGs and institutions along specific policies or general knowledge about the EU. For instance, the games proposed by the ECB focus on the Euro and monetary policy. The second section entitled  'The EU: what's it all about?'  features a clickable map of Europe offering basic information and fun facts about each EU country. The third section , entitled  'Check out your rights', is joined up to a portal developed by DG JUST focussing  on the rights of the child, incorporating games, videos and information for two age groups (0-12 and 12-18). Children and teenagers can learn about their rights, such as the right to be heard and to receive information or what constitutes child labour.

Information for parents and teachers

The Kids' Corner also offers resources for adults engaging with children. For teachers, it links up and integrates the existing website 'Teachers' Corner',  which contains materials to support school-based didactical activities, provides information about EU-themed prizes and contests and links to audiovisual material from the European Parliament’s EuroParl TV to use in lessons about the EU. This site also allows teachers to interact in an ad hoc social network and get information about participating in EU-wide educational programmes, such as Comenius, or organise a visit to the European Institutions. Furthermore, the EU Kids Corner portal offers the resources to provide parents with information about the EU as well as information and support on children’s online safety initiatives within the Safer Internet Programme.

The Agenda for the Rights of the Child

The EU Agenda for the Rights of the Child, which forms the legal basis for the  aims to reinforce the full commitment of the EU - as enshrined in the Treaty of Lisbon and the Charter of Fundamental Rights - to promote, protect and fulfil the rights of the child in all relevant EU policies and actions. This agenda includes 11 concrete actions where the EU can contribute in an effective way to children's well-being and safety. For instance, actions include paying particular attention to children in the context of the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies or encouraging and providing support to all EU countries to ensure the introduction and functioning of the 116 000 hotline for missing children.